Bellingham Industrial Space

Manufacturing Buildings in Bellingham WA

The market for commercial real estate in Bellingham WA is strong and manufacturing buildings are one of the leading sectors in growth. During the recession recover years of 2010 through 2012, rental rates for manufacturing buildings were as low as $0.28 per square foot. In today’s market, current lease rates for industrial buildings are in […]

Bellingham Cold Storage Warehouse Buildings

Many commercial businesses, such as wholesalers, exporters, manufacturers, and importers, use warehouses to store machinery or products. These typical industrial buildings allow for the storage of pretty much anything; spare parts, building components, you name it. However, certain raw materials and finished products need to be kept in temperature controlled environments to retain value. This […]

Growing Cannabis is Cheaper in Washington State

It’s no secret that the Washington State cannabis industry is flourishing since the passing of I-502 in 2012. With Washington State 2017 annual sales exceeding 1.48 Billion dollars for the entire sector, business owners and consumers have plenty to be excited about[1] . With just over 600 licensed producer-processors working to fulfill demand for the […]


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