PCM Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Our Philosophy

Pacific Continental Maintenance (PCM) is a fully bonded and insured General Contractor. For PCR, having access to in-house maintenance services is a tremendous value to both property owners and tenants because it allows PCR to quickly and cost effectively respond to urgent matters.

Services Offered

• Landscaping, parking lot striping
• Cleaning, pressure washing
• Deicing, snow blowing
• Drywall
• Painting and other general repairs
• Janitorial and Cleaning

Professional & Qualified

Pacific Continental Maintenance (PCM) is a General Contractor with a team of qualified professionals ready to help you maintain your commercial or multi-family asset. PCM can also bid and perform Tenant Improvements (T.I.’s) for commercial tenants that needs modifications done to their space. Additionally, PCM has extensive experience in turning apartment units.

Need Commercial Maintenance?

*Tenants, please use your tenant portal for maintenance requests*


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