The Urban Villages of Bellingham

The Urban Villages of Bellingham Since 2008, Bellingham has designated and planned for six urban villages to help revitalize and renovate historical and significant areas of the city. For years these areas have seen a lack of development, and the vision of an “urban village” has been unclear for most residents. However, many of these […]

Office Design and Productivity

Over the past few decades, the functionality and appearance of the modern office has evolved in several ways. Workspaces have shifted from artificial cubicle farms to a much more open and moveable design. In the last five years, some offices have even implemented recreational elements such as ping pong and foosball tables in the aim […]

New Ordinance Banning Natural Gas Usage

The Ordinance Recently in a unanimous 7-0 vote, the Bellingham City Council has passed Ordinance Which requires new commercial and multi-family buildings above 4 stories in Bellingham to have the capacity to heat themselves and water through electric energy. The city is banning the use of natural gas for these purposes. Adopting building codes […]

Parking, Payment, and Business

The city of Bellingham is hosting a public hearing on October 25th to discuss the hourly prices of street parking, parking fines, and the introduction of pay stations in the Fairhaven Shopping District. The Bellingham City Council has long been investing time and money into whether increasing the price and volume of our metered spaces is needed, […]

Waterfront Development

The continued effort of the City of Bellingham to develop the waterfront area brings excellent anticipation of the future. Over the last several decade’s plans to remold the once Brownsfield site to an innovative mixed-use urban neighborhood are finally beginning to take form. The Waterfront District Subarea Plan had amendments recently approved in December of […]

Bellingham Medical Office Market Statistics and Overview

Quick Market Statistics: 2018 Q4 – 1,724,318 SF – 1.76% Vacancy   Bellingham Market Overview – There are 63 dedicated medical buildings located in the City of Bellingham. The 63 buildings incorporate commercial condominiums as single buildings, include dental office space, and exclude veterinary clinics. There is currently 1,724,318 square feet of total medical office […]

Manufacturing Buildings in Bellingham WA

The market for commercial real estate in Bellingham WA is strong and manufacturing buildings are one of the leading sectors in growth. During the recession recover years of 2010 through 2012, rental rates for manufacturing buildings were as low as $0.28 per square foot. In today’s market, current lease rates for industrial buildings are in […]


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