Property Management

Property Management

Why Use Pacific Continental Realty Property

Management Services?

The Property Management team at Pacific Continental Realty has the education and experience needed to establish property goals focused on investment performance within your long-term financial goals. Pacific Continental Realty will analyze the property, provide market place and applicable law information, and help you determine an effective course of action to achieve your goals. Contact Pacific Continental Realty and allow us the opportunity to manage your property.

Exceptional property management is built on reputation, experience, and ability. For two decades, Pacific Continental Realty has met the needs of commercial property owners throughout Northwest Washington. Pacific Continental Realty tailors the property management services to fit the property owner’s specific needs and long-term financial goals.

Properties are managed and maintained to standards that provide the tenants the opportunity for financial success. Pacific Continental Realty serves as a liaison between owner and tenant to ensure


  • The Property is occupied and producing cash flow
  • Expenses and revenues are optimized
  • Property related financial and operational information is provided promptly
  • Pacific Continental Realty participates in the property budgeting process to assure property goal consensus

Rent Collection

Recurring revenue collection is key to cash flow. PCR is at the forefront of technology in rent collection. We accept automated and one-time ACH payments, as well as credit cards for rent payments. PCR is also centrally located for the low tech tenants that prefer to pay in cash and check. All payments are tracked through our specialized property management software. This allows PCR to provide owners with accurate and timely monthly/quarterly reports.


Lease Management

With over 48 years of commercial leasing experience, PCR is well versed in art of lease negotiations. We have combined this deep history of knowledge with digital technology to optimize the process of lease management. PCR is focused on tracking your lease renewals, option extension dates, and insurance policy expiration dates.



PCR takes great pride in providing economical maintenance plans for commercial property owners. While we do contract with 3rd party vendors for various maintenance services, PCR’s sister company Pacific Continental Maintenance (PCM) is well equipped to handle the majority of the day-to-day work with efficiencies and cost savings that are directly passed to the owners and tenants.

Management Fees

Management Fees

Owners pay a flat rate percent of the rent we receive and that is it. All other fees PCR collects come from the tenants. No owner add-ons or hidden fees.

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